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Whoa! Where Have I Been?

Wow, I just realized now that I haven't posted in all of October and now we are at the halfway point of November. Time moves quickly, where have I been?

Honestly, I have been doing a lot of growing and learning. I took an eight-week course with Jennifer Grace called Clarity Catalyst. It was supposed to help me become more clear about what I wanted for my business, but in the end, it helped me become more clear about who I am and how I want my life to be.

These past eight weeks:

*I learned to drop judgments about other people and myself.

*I was reminded to drop expectations as I venture into new things and to take inventory of what comes out of things that were happy accidents.

*I pushed myself to make decisions and not keep putting things off. (Here comes that frenemy, Procrastination, again!)

*I was reminded of the voices inside me that speak in judgment, and instead turn to the wisdom God has given me and the affirming words spoken over me.

*I allowed myself to embrace some long-standing fear and do something I have wanted to do, but resisted.

*I made my very first video and posted it to Instagram!!! And yesterday I made a second one.

That is a nail-biting experience for me, but it got so much easier the second time.

Tomorrow there might be a third, I don't know, but look for it!

What personal growth are you making?

Is your life just happening and moving without you really being present to it or aware?

Are you able to try new things or make decisions

or are you putting them off for another day?

Maybe today IS your day!!!! Tell me about it!

You don't have to share here. Email me at

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