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Winnie the Pooh Perspective

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

I recently stayed in a motel room which offered little by way of warm bedding. I usually sleep with heavy blankets and I like good sleep, so I headed to the local TJ Maxx to pick up an inexpensive throw blanket. The selection was not great; in fact, the only blanket I could find that matched my snuggly soft meter and weight requirements was found on the way to the register (I was also buying new pillows). There I was, floundering in the sea of impulse-buy products with only a few seconds to decide if this mustard yellow blanket was something I could actually spend money on. The color truly evoked all the feels of my 70’s childhood and not necessarily in a good way. I joked with the customer behind me because I felt oddly self-conscious about what buying it might say about me. In its defense, this blanket was super soft AND nice and heavy. There were no other stores nearby and I didn’t want to spend more time shopping, so I hesitantly purchased “ugly yellow blanket”.

When my daughter saw ugly yellow blanket, she seemed rather enchanted by it. I said something like, “Yes, I know it is a terrible color, but I really needed a warm blanket and it was the only one.” I was amazed by the perspective shift as she said, “It is not ugly, it is the same color as Winnie the Pooh. I love it!” Wow!! While the decor of the 70's is not something I look upon favorably, I most certainly love Pooh Bear. The entire way I feel about that blanket majorly shifted by one new thought!

When you see things about yourself or in your environment that feel unfavorable, look for a Pooh bear perspective. Find a positive way to see things and they become easier and happier. You can find yourself becoming grateful for even the most difficult things when you make a mindset shift. Are you looking for a new job? How amazing that you GET to embark on a new adventure and that you will learn new things and meet new people! Are you changing the way you eat and it feels depressing at times? Think about all of the nourishing, delicious foods you GET to eat! Working on moving your body more? How grateful you can be that you are able to move your wonderful body and that you GET to bring oxygen and energy into it and maintain it well!

What in your life needs a new perspective today? How fortunate you are that you GET to find a new way to embrace it!

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